Apopka dating site

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Apopka dating site

This was replicated in a French study, based on sperm samples from 26,600 healthy men, that found a substantial decline in average sperm counts between 19, from 73.6 million to 49.9 million per millilitre.

It should be mentioned that Italian researches have found their sperm numbers going up in the last decade - but then Italy loves to be different.

Nobody’s quite sure what’s behind the general drop-off. The trouble with science is not just that there often isn’t a single answer.

And modern ethics dictates that you can’t just lock, say, a few medical students in a chamber full of insecticide and see what happens to their puberty.

In Central Florida, where The Villages and other retirement communities sprawl across several counties, reported cases of syphilis and chlamydia increased 71 percent among those 55 and older in that same period.

In addition, more seniors are living in group retirement communities where there's more socializing.This holds that some of the 5,000 or so chemicals that inhabit our food, fertilizers and industrial cleaners are not dissimilar to the female sex hormone oestrogen - only they hang round a lot longer and at levels up to a thousand times higher than normal.This may have adverse effects on oestrogen-sensitive areas of the body (the reproductive tracts, breast, womb and possibly the developing foetus), which may possibly contribute to infertility and testicular cancer in men, breast and womb cancer in women and fetal abnormalities.In Riverside County, Calif., home to retirement mecca Palm Springs, reported cases were up 50 percent over the five-year span, according to data from that county's health department.The reported cases of syphilis and chlamydia among older adults outpaced the nation's average, according to the analysis.

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Among all age groups nationwide, reported cases of syphilis increased 60 percent between 20, while in the 55 to 64 age group it increased 70 percent.

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