Dating and marriage in africa international dating french woman

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Dating and marriage in africa

Although arranged marriage may never become common among Westerners, the success of these unions should be considered by those who are accepting of it and hoping to find someone to spend their own forever with.

Before you are allowed to get married in South Africa, however, you must prove you are legally eligible to marry in the country.

One of the biggest reasons that arranged marriages are often successful is that these partnerships are created between people who have similar ethnic, religious, social, and cultural backgrounds.

You may be surprised to find out that arranged marriages are still common in Western countries where the children of immigrants hope to meet someone with a similar upbringing that will allow them to continue in their cherished cultural traditions.

The regulations are governed by the South African Marriage Act of 1961 and the Civil Union Act of 2006, both of which outline the regulations regarding how a marriage is performed, and who may marry one another — thanks to the latter act, gay marriage in South Africa is legal —, as well as where and how the wedding may be conducted and by whom.

If you fail to comply with the regulations, your marriage could be declared null and void.

Now don't get me wrong, while an arranged marriage certainly won’t work for everyone…

There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon, including the compatibility of cultural and religious traditions which I have already mentioned.

Under the South African Marriage Act, couples must be presented with a marriage certificate immediately after the ceremony.

The type of marriage certificate, which must be signed by two witnesses and the marriage officer, depends on the status of your nationality.

Because of the potential for human error (in the matchmakers), some individuals find themselves married to a highly unsuitable partner.

For various reasons - cultural, religious, and otherwise - it can often be more difficult to leave an arranged marriage due to the cultural and familial expectations that are often present.

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Most have been taught that the path to marriage involves long periods of dating and attempting to “fall in love” with another person before committing to marriage.

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