Error validating nbdb backup most popular christian dating sites

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Error validating nbdb backup

If the nbdb_move command was used to relocate Net Backup database files, re-create the directories where the files were located at the time of the catalog backup.The default location is: UNIX: /usr/openv/db/data Windows: \Net Backup DB\data 10.

That includes the following files: 6.x and 7.0: NBDB.db, NBDB.log, EMM_INDEX.db, EMM_DATA.db, The following additional database files were added at 7.0: DBM_DATA.db, DBM_INDEX.db, DARS_DATA.db, DARS_If a mirrored transaction log is used, copy well.

Note 2: depending on the root user's shell environment, this command could fail with a "Paremeter not set" or "unbound variable" error.

If one of these errors occurs, run the " set u " command and then reattempt the " . Note: If the command dbsrv11 -f /usr/openv/db/data/should fail with the error " A database server with that name has already started ", please check /usr/openv/tmp and rename the sqlany directory, and all the sqlany files.

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Note: This procedure erases the current Net Backup NBDB database.1.