Featherweight sewing machine dating

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Featherweight sewing machine dating

Many such manuals are available for free download from manufacturers.

Failing an Adjuster’s Manual, an exploded Parts Diagram will at least show what should be where.

The modern reprint has clear line drawings and a troubleshooting section: ‘50 difficulties and their remedies’; plus a few pages from old Bert’s original catalogue for nostalgia value. A useful list; 80 pages, comprising hundreds of (largely) American, domestic machines and their corresponding Singer needles. The entries for Wanzer machines should be viewed with suspicion.

Canadian and a few British manufacturers are also included. A comprehensive and reliable cross-referenced list of needles and substitutes.

There is no one book that will teach the repair of every machine.

One model directory that lists all the industrial machines available in the sixties in a vast Excel-type spreadsheet, gives only one line per machine – and still runs to 500 pages!

Chapter on chain-stitch machines and their attachments.Sound, clear advice on basic tension setting, oiling, timing the shuttle etc. Then it’s onto a limited range of zigzag models (New Home, Brother, White & Pfaff).If these machines are what you’re after, then the service and repair information is excellent, with plenty of clear illustrations.), Grover & Baker, Little Wanzer & Weir machines prior to 1881. Probably no longer affordable except, perhaps, by Isaac Singer’s heirs.A high school textbook, designed to teach the underlying principles and construction of the sewing machine and help teachers to “operate any machine quickly and easily”.

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Extremely thorough and profusely illustrated with CLEAR photos of virtually every moving part, plus tensions, timings, case refurbishment, etc. Clearly written by an Old Sewing Machine Guy as his cloth-capped picture reassuringly confirms on the cover. An extensive troubleshooting guide with sufficient instructions to help operators maintain their machines.

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