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Free sex chat sites no sigh up

She let out an audible sigh then shook her head, keeping her expression calm and unreadable, yet her eyes betrayed her emotion. The slave lay helplessly bound and frightened by his captors swing of mood.One moment nasty and cold, the next she was almost gentle and loving with the flick of her green orbs that were staring at him curiously.While he struggled against his bonds he realized that he was indeed handcuffed and there was no way he was able to free himself.Panic took over when he also noticed that his shirt was gone and his pants also gone, ripped from his body and his nether regions were exposed for all to see (or more accurately the person who decided to abduct him and use him against his will) .At that moment the door on the left opened and in walked in a woman who was of average height (made by the shiny black stiletto heels) and had long dark red hair that was flowing down her back.The woman appeared to be in her mid to late twenties but she could have been older for all her victim knew.But for now he was her captive, her slave, her victim to use and abuse any way she wanted to.

Shut up or I will beat you senseless, dont think I wont do it! She then pulled out a dirty rag from the pocket of her black dress and jammed it into his mouth while slapping him hard across the face again.Only then she decided to take pity on this poor excuse of a man . Oh thank you, thank you, the man breathed a sigh of relief as his beautiful captor strolled over to where he was trapped.He took note of how meticulously she worked over him, loosening his handcuffs ever so slightly but still so tight so he couldnt escape no matter how hard he struggled and strained.I see youre awake.thats goodyou didnt go quietly in the nightalthough I had my doubts, the woman said with a sickening smile.Can you please unlock me, I promise I wont hurt you, the victim pleaded while trying to struggle to gain freedom.

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With a slap across her victims beautiful yet astonished face, he was stunned into silence.

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