Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side

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Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side

My employer wanted me to go to Puerto Rico on my first day on the job for training.

This same training was offered online just not at that time, which I was willing to do.

Ask if it’s something that you’ll be able to work around or not, and see what she says. I got emotional in a meeting I am a mid-20s professional in a summer internship for my graduate program. So far it’s been going well, and I especially love my senior manager, Max, who is my boss’s boss’s boss.

We have meetings every couple of weeks, and I expect him to be involved in hiring decisions.

At points I was clenching my jaw to keep from crying (obviously I didn’t).

I’m worried now that I came across as someone who has major issues accepting criticism, or who gets emotional when given feedback.

Right before we started, I’d received word that a friend had died — so if you noticed me seeming off, please know it was that, not anything about our meeting!

Max mentioned several times things like “it’s normal to be really stressed!The contract I signed did not mention anything about traveling.The only thing that came up in the interview was the question “What have you done in the past for professional development? I mentioned that for a previous position, I coordinated ADA services, which required me to keep up with the latest changes in regulations.Since this is a grant-funded position, I felt that I wouldn’t be asked to do long distance travel due to costs.Anyway, the reason I can’t do long distance traveling is due to a sick family member I am helping to take care of.

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I don’t know if it’s more awkward to bring this up when no one may have noticed and potentially look like I’m fishing for attention, or to let it go and potentially look like I’m uncomfortable with feedback.

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