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Pasundan ekspres online dating

From 1567 to 1579, under the last king Raja Mulya, alias Prabu Surya Kencana, the Sunda kingdom declined, essentially under the pressure from Sultanate of Banten.

After 1576, the kingdom could not maintain its capital at Pakuan Pajajaran (the present-day Bogor) and gradually the Sultanate of Banten took over the former Sunda kingdom's region.

Although the treaty with the Portuguese had been established, it could not come to realization.

Sunda Kalapa harbour fell under the alliance of the Sultanate of Demak and the Sultanate of Cirebon (former vassal state of Sunda kingdom) in 1524, after their troops under Paletehan alias Fadillah Khan had conquered the city.

An 18th regency was formed in October 2012 - Pangandaran Regency - from the southern half of Ciamis Regency; and on 25 October 2013 the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) began reviewing draft laws on the establishment of 57 prospective regencies (and 8 new provinces), including a further three regencies in West Java - South Garut (Garut Selatan), North Sukabumi (Sukabumi Utara) and West Bogor (Bogor Barat) - but none of these three new regencies are shown separately on the map below, nor in the following table. Unlike most other provinces in Indonesia which have their capitals in coastal areas, the provincial capital, Bandung, is located in the mountainous area in the centre of the province.

West Java borders Jakarta and Banten province to the west, and Central Java to the east. Banten Province was formerly part of West Java Province but was created a separate province in 2000.

This first international treaty of West Java with the Europeans was commemorated by the placement of the Padrao stone monument at the bank of the Ciliwung River in 1522.

For the next three hundred years, West Java fell under the Dutch East Indies' administration.

West Java was officially declared as a province of Indonesia in 1950, referring to a statement from Staatblad number 378.

It is located in the western part of the island of Java and its capital and largest urban center is Bandung, although much of its population in the northwest corner of the province live in areas suburban to the even larger urban area of Jakarta, even though that city itself lies outside the administrative province.

The province's population is 46.3 million (in 2014) and it is the most populous of Indonesia's provinces.

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