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This is taking place while patent administration staff is already struggling with the workload, further increasing work strain.In any event, one cannot reasonably expect that a hasty training will allow building up the necessary level of expertise in all the small teams.” They don’t care about expertise; as we pointed out in several articles last night, Battistelli and his cabal just want patents issued as fast as possible and with miminal scrutiny/challenge. In other words, it is becoming the very LITTLE birdie whispered in our ears, noting that the documents above have been made public.The office also plans to create new specialised directorates to deal with opposition procedures. Apply for the Praktika Intern programme here…” Amid Summary: The person who is rapidly ruining the quality that the EPO stood for over the years (nearly half a century) lies to his staff and stakeholders today; He has even, in his own words, “chaired our annual Quality Review” to review his own supposed ‘performance’ THE quality of patents at the Office of Benoît Battistelli is as high as the quality of the lies of Benoît Battistelli.This Liar in Chief continued lying today; he spoke about patent quality yet again. “At the beginning of December,” he wrote, “I chaired our annual Quality Review, comprised of senior EPO management who are integral to maintaining and developing the Office’s quality.” So Battistelli controls everything, even things that are tasked with assessing his performance. Not at the EPO anyway; this has become the norm and something to be perpetually expected. Battistelli is moving his lips again, having returned from his (longer than other staff’s) break.“In a new blog post President Battistelli reviews 2017 and discusses the year ahead with a strong focus on quality,” it says. It comes from two publications that typically parrot EPO press releases [1, 2].The first says this: The European Patent Office (EPO) and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) have extended a patent prosecution highway (PPH) pilot agreement.It was the “big story” of the last session, where half the decisions concerned the EPO and several were about Judge Corcoran.Based on the above tweets, which someone told us about, some former EPO staff representatives are going to have their cases heard and decided on.

, usually in order to better facilitate a patent aggressor rather than a defendant.

He has lost any sense of shame and he now lies so blatantly that we can imagine the faces of EPO workers who read this ‘blog’ post of his (warning: link). Probably not because a few months ago he help defend the same lies about patent quality (in a private event that was publicly reported on). His lips utter words, which leave an odorous puddle of lies afoot.

It was promoted in the Organisation’s Twitter account some hours ago. We suppose that a rebuttal to these lies is in order because staff must have noticed these lies. Let’s look at the latest evidence of a decline in patent quality (as the EPO itself is unable to safely investigate the matter; staff representatives who merely brought up the subject were severely reprimanded by two Vice-Presidents). The EPO‘s Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) with Canada, which we mentioned on Tuesday morning, is now officially “news” (several days after it actually started).

The Beijing IP Court previously granted an injunction against Sony back in March 2017, but the standard at issue there was WAPI, a seldom-used protocol which is only implemented in China. Imagine how many European SMEs would be subjected to worldwide or EU-wide embargoes due to just one single action of one patent bully or patent troll.

Based on a judgment delivered in a language that the SME does not even understand… █ Permalink Leave Your Comment Send this to a friend Summary: With infinitesimal chances of justice inside the EPO, workers turn to ILO, which has fallen really badly behind and is unable to correct injustices in a timely manner; there is, however, still hope THE EPO will no doubt play a big role in the next (and imminent) session of the ILO Administrative Tribunal.

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The UPC is more or less dead (just not officially). To use this example from today at IAM, China is the next Eastern District of Texas.