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Ssmaker online dating

While nutritionists pepper us with dire warnings about the health risks of eating too much salt, salt aficionados of an entirely different breed are touting the little crystals as a cure for asthma and allergies, a boost to the immune system, and a way to increase athletic endurance and even to add a glow to your complexion. Skip the shaker in favor of inhaling the white stuff.

"Salt has incredible qualities," says Ulle Pukk, a cofounder of the Salt Therapy Association.

Register Here Family & Children’s Center started the Healthy Families program in La Crosse, in 1992—championed by former FCC President/CEO, John Burgess.

The program is designed to keep kids safe and strengthen families by helping new parents under extreme stress work on goals, learn child development and address their health concerns.

"It absorbs impurities from your body and helps break up mucus so you can cough out toxins.

When you have clean lungs, you get more oxygen, which gives you more energy, impacts every organ in your body, and improves overall well-being." There are now more than 150 salt rooms in the U. "It's holistic, there are no side affects, and it can address so many different issues," says Ellen Patrick of Breathe Easy spas, which feature salt rooms and salt beds.

(Former football pro Tiki Barber salted up at one before running the New York City Marathon.) Even mainstream doctors see potential benefits.

"One house in there is like five hours of sleep" ( for 60 minutes).

Engelman agrees; "Epsom baths help eliminate toxins by pulling them out of the skin and also help relax muscles and relieve pain." After just a couple of minutes in this mini Dead Sea, I found it hard to tell where my body ended and the water began, and even a nagging hamstring began to loosen up.

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"It's antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal." Pukk is at the forefront of a movement that's bringing halotherapy, also known as dry-salt therapy, to America.

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