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Posted by / 14-Sep-2017 23:26

Unfortunately that method didn't work for long and the unit stopped updating the folder with new files I added to my shared folders on my PC.

I played with Tversity and got it to see and stream all of my media, but Hulu and BBC videos didn't play very well.

UPDATE I've used this exact method to get Network Shares working on 5 different HDLIVE units all on Windows 7 and so far no problems have been reported.

// Intro // This is a quick guide for Windows 7 users who are having trouble getting NETWORK SHARES on the HD TV Live to work.

Eventually I figured how to get it work and for the past week I haven't had any problems.

I can log in, see all my folders, add folders, and play everything that I've thrown at it.

Make sure the dropdown box to the right of WDTVLIVE says ‘Allowed’ and then click OK at the bottom of the box.

You should now be back at ‘Change homegroup settings’.

This part is very important and until I did it the HDTV Live would tell me my folders were empty.

To do this right click each folder you want the HDTV Live to see and choose: Include in Library Documents There are a number of ways to get to the libraries but this should work for everyone.

In the box that pops up you should see a frame on the left that has LIBRARIES with the following listed below it: - Documents - Music - Pictures - Videos If you click the little arrow you should see a drop down of all the folders that you “included” in the VIDEOS library.

// My Setup // On one of the WD drives I have a 'movie' folder and the other drive has 'tv series' and 'sports'.

On my PC I have a 'Blu Ray' folder, 'Pictures', and 'Music'.

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