Validating fradulent documents castro book dating site

Posted by / 30-Jul-2017 00:52

Validating fradulent documents

I cancelled my credit card immediately and then called 1-800-GOBEYOND (800-462-3966).

I ended up pressing 0 and told the rep that there was a fraudulent order. She found the order for 2 Vitamix 7500 blenders (those must be some blenders) under my name and address, but the email address was different and the phone number was off only on the last three digits.

IF they cannot find your "order" that way, then they will need the full 16 digit number of the credit/debit card used.

Ours was found by first and last name and since it was still pending, BBB was able to cancel that transaction so that the funds are not pulled out and having to be returned by the bank.

Luckily, my bank is on top of things and is refunding my money. Everything the comes up in google for BB&B #651 are fraud complaints!

Just called BBB and all 3 charges on my Master Card were fraudulent. The orders were placed online and shipped to 3 different addresses.

They gave my phone number, but off by one digit and "my" email address was way off. FYI, the store # 651 is the processing center for online orders not and actual BBB store. I just called Master Card and faxed them my statement.

She wasn't going to give me the shipping address, but when I confirmed my address, she said the order was being shipped to me.

I figure the thieves were waiting for it to be shipped before changing the shipping address with Fed Ex.

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