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The aims of these documents are laudable - targeting the root causes of sexual violence in conflict, ending all forms of discrimination against women, and ensuring that women play a key role in shaping the future of Myanmar's public and political life.

But, as with much else in Myanmar's transition, promises of substantive change have had very little impact on the ground.

A dramatic increase in the presence of military personnel has contributed to human rights abuses in Shan State, Karen State and Kachin State among others.s the human rights of ethnic communities at the feet of GDP growth.

It is also the context in which the government has announced plans such as the National Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women (NSPAW), and signed the UK government-led Declaration of the Committee to End Sexual Violence in Conflict earlier this year.

Survivors and local-level authorities know that when a case is brought against a member of the military, the chances of obtaining justice are very slim.

For women seeking justice through channels available at the local level, the intransigence of state authorities often dissuades them from attempting to hold perpetrators The absence of transparency and accountability has created a culture of fear for both survivors of state-sponsored sexual violence, and the human rights defenders who work with them for justice.

The perpetrators of these crimes enjoy de facto impunity from prosecution, while survivors are left to rebuild their lives without any assistance from the government, fearful of the consequences of speaking out about their experience.The UN has noted that Myanmar is unique in this regard.The consequences of this gender inequality are all too real for women across Myanmar: state-sponsored gang-rape and rape, systematic denial of justice, and marginalisation in political and public life.In our new report, we detail how the military practises harassment and intimidation to keep the truth from surfacing.In environments where survivors and human rights defenders are aware of the risks to their personal security and of the small chance of obtaining justice, many keep silent rather than endangering their own lives further.

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